MIA no more!

Date: March 31, 2021

We would like to say sorry for being MIA, for a while. Also, apologies for our live shrimp situation. We would like to give a huge shoutout to all of our captains that have been running trips for us & all of our great customers. Special thanks to Freedom church group for coming to fish with us this past Saturday! They took out 4 boats. One boat caught 36 speckled trout and a few reds. Two boats caught 2 limits of reds, each boat. One group caught 9reds – which one little boy caught fishing by himself. We appreciate everyone that has been coming to see us, & we hope to see you all some more!

A couple weekends ago, we had some cold, frigid weather that was 10-15 degrees lower than what it was! When, we didn’t catch any fish.

Mid last week, the weather warmed back up, the water cleared up & the trout bite was hot! For a lot of our regulars, this past weekend – the trout were on fire. However, even if you weren’t a regular fishing this past weekend, most still managed to catch decent numbers of trout and some scattered redfish.

Today Captain Jack talked to some anglers that had some really pretty trout.

The weather is going to mess up starting tomorrow. We would advise watching the weather before you come. However, if you are a clear opening with the weather, while the kiddos are off for the Easter holiday, come on down! We would love to see y’all!

We are hoping to get some shrimp soon. We are working on getting Sweetwater back together. We are hoping this will be a blessed summer for Sweetwater.

As always, thanks for choosing Sweetwater, the Marina that loves our customers.