Wednesday- Friday fishing trips!

Date: May 1, 2021

Captain Jack has fished the last three days, with a lot of success. They caught 43 trout on Wednesday. Tuesday they caught 23 trout and 20reds. Today, they caught 20 reds. Other customers did really good. The last two days- it seems like they were hauling in quite a few speckled trout. On Captain Jacks charters, they caught all their trout on the bottom. Fishing in 13ft of water. It seems that they are biting better, if you fish on the bottom. So, that is our advice.

Wednesday’s charter was a father and his 3 sons, for his 80th birthday. They caught some big, beautiful reds. He even taught Captain Jack & his sons a thing or two about fishing! He caught the two biggest reds & probably 12 speckled trout. We would like to thank the Imes men for coming fish with us! How sweet of them to put this together for their dads 80th. They took video & send him happy birthday, while cleaning their speckled trout! It was a fun day! I’m sure it was a great memory for all the Imes fellas to cherish forever.

Also, thanks to the Mays, Brazeale & McDonald groups for choosing to fish with us here at Sweetwater Marina Guide service this week.

We still don’t have any live shrimp. We are still working on it. We did buy 200 Ib of fresh frozen shrimp. So we have plenty fresh dead bait for tomorrow. We have no cocahoe minnows.

The weather is looking decent for tomorrow, and it is going to be okay Sunday morning. If you want to catch some trout, I would advise to come down to Delacroix. Seems the trout are being caught pretty steadily.

As always, hope to see ya here at Sweetwater Marina!