Tuesday/ Wednesday Charters

Date: April 8, 2021

Great fishing for Thad, Kenny & Will yesterday. They fished with Captain Jack & caught a limit of reds and some fresh water cats. They threw back some & kept a couple. They had lots of fun. Then, for the grand finale- Captain Jack, Will, Thad, Kenny, Gracie & myself -Sierra- had dinner at Meme’s, in Chalmette. They prepared some delish & beautifully displayed dishes, with the fresh fish we brought in. We, also, had some of their fabulous oysters, ofcourse! Gracie ate over half a dozen by herself, at 3 years old- absolutely delicious! Thanks again Thad, Kenny & Will for being great friends & great customers. We look forward to their visits.

Today, Captain Jack took out the Edwards group. They caught 33 trout & twelve beautiful reds. They had lots of fun. Captain Jack taught them a lot of stuff about redfishing, and they said that the lessons were priceless to them.

Tomorrow Captain Jack will be taking out Mr. Don Dickhaus & group. Hoping for a good day and some wiggle room around the weather.

Captain Jack is fishing through Saturday.

We have been having issues with getting dead bait right now. We have a few cocahoe minnows left. No live shrimp. We will update you, immediately, if the bait situation changes at all. Live shrimp should be coming in the very near future, although we cannot pinpoint an exact date, as of right now.

So, that being said- we hope to see you all soon! As always, we can’t wait to see ya here at Sweetwater Marina, the Marina that loves our customers.

Also, we had some lodging become available for Saturday night. If you would like to book, please call 504-342-2368.