There is more to fishing then catching !

Date: January 26, 2021

Read this, take it in & learn! There is SO much more to fishing then just catching- the bonding, the experience, the memories, the fresh air, the outdoors/nature, the lessons…there is more to fishing then just catching!

Although, it feels sooo good to catch that limit, to feel the tug of the rod, to reel up that big fish…it is not always what the trip is about…there are many important reasons to go fishing..not only the reasons I listed above…for some peace, to catch up on ones thoughts, for mental health, for physical health… It is not all about catching- no matter how good the rush is, when you are fighting a big red, or reeling up that spectacular trout, or bass, or cat, or sheepshead…

That being said…gather your family- your son, daughter, wife, husband, sig. other, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, cousin, niece, nephew- your friends, whomever you might choose…or, simply, take a trip by yourself for some peace… there is no better trip than a trip on the water, absorbing all nature has to offer.

Even though catching is not the most important thing about fishing, everyone can catch a limit of reds in Delacroix! Trout are still a little harder to come by but not impossible! Captain Jack went out to find some trout today, however he had to bring the boat in for some, he did not get to test out the trout bite. He is hoping to test it out with Gracie & I- Sierra- ASAP. I, personally, can’t wait to see my baby girl enjoy the day on the water-the happiness that being outdoors brings her is the most thrilling thing for a parent to witness…I don’t care, if we don’t catch a single fish. However, I do hope to reel in some dinner, atleast. & I do enjoy the rush of outfishing Captain Jack! 😏😉

That being said- I hope to see you all fishing out of Sweetwater ! As always, we can’t wait to see ya here at Sweetwater Marina, the marina that loves our customers!