Sweetwater Marina!!!

Date: May 11, 2020

Today was a beautiful day down at Sweetwater. We had a few crew not catch much but still enjoy their trip. We had a few crews catch their limit and if not close to their limit on trout. They used live shrimp and artificial bait. They fished around Lake Campo, Four Horse Lake, and Lake John. A couple other crews I talked to caught some nice reds and a few bass. They fished around Lake Campo, Black Bay, Four Horse Lake, and Lake Batola with live shrimp.
We will have live shrimp in the morning!! We have boat sheds available $164.18/month. Boat sheds are under 24hr surveillance and includes boat launch, lights, and water. We also have 90 octane NON-ETHANOL fuel available at a low price. We have a decent variety of tackle. Remember only one person in the bait shop at a time.