Date: November 11, 2019

Lots of Trout action today!!! Capt. Kevin Lawson, Byron Owens and Ford Grissett headed out of Sweetwater to Lake Robin where they caught 100 trout. What an awesome catch!! Capt.Jack left out of Sweetwater with Mr. Preston Havens and crew they headed to Fourhorse where they caught 40 trout!! They also went to Pointe Fiene and scooped up on 18 reds. Just an awesome day of fishing down here out of Sweetwater Marina!! We know there are some die hards that will come down in any weather but Friday will be your best day after the weather passes. We have plenty live shrimp for the week so come on down and get in on some of the best fishing. We can’t wait to see what you catch and thanks for launching at Sweetwater Marina