Date: April 21, 2020

Today was another successful day down at Sweetwater. Nobody went home empty handed. The weather was perfect for catching fish. Trout was a big hit again today.
Capt. Jack brought his dad and a couple friends out fishing. They caught 100 trout and a few redfish. Capt. Jack started with live bait and ended with artificial. First crew I talked to limited out on trout before 11a.m. They fished around Black Bay with live shrimp and artificial bait. A couple people limited out on trout around Four Horse Lake. A few other crews limited out around Lake Campo. Others were pretty close to their limit in a couple different spots.
Redfish were a little more of a struggle today. A crew limited out on redfish around Little Lake with live and dead shrimp under a cork. Another crew caught a few reds around Oak River Bay with artificial. Lake John had a couple redfish that were biting. People caught a few around Four Horse Lake and Lake Campo.
Remember only 1 person in the bait shop at a time!!! We know this is fun when we’re busy but please be courteous and follow all guideline suggestions! Hopefully this will all be over soon and we can get back to normal!!! Be safe and well!!