Slow day today

Date: May 14, 2021

Jack fished with the Mr. Nathen Fear & his three buddies for the last 3 days. We posted a pic of them 2 days ago. The pic today is from yesterday’s charter. Today’s charter was pretty much a disaster. They caught one red & missed three others. Ofcourse, Captain Jack worked a deal with them. Captain Jack has been busting butt, with a lot on his plate. Working with contractors, getting gravel delivered, charters, etc., etc. It never ends. They said they will be back next year. They had a great 2/3 days of fishing & caught a break on the 3rd. They were headed to the casino. Captain Jack said win some money &book their next year trip. 🤪 Captain Jack will be fishing the next 3-4 days & then off 1-2..then, back at it for a week straight. Busy,busy. The shrimper is supposed to be going out tomorrow. So, we will update you all on our shrimp situation, as soon as they hit the tanks tomorrow. They have been catching big beautiful specks- using double rigs on the bottom. If you have a chance to come down, the weather is looking fabulous. So, come on down! As always, we can’t wait to see ya here at Sweetwater Marina!