Sexy every time fishing

Date: November 16, 2020

Captain Jack went out today with his buddy Wesley! Wesley owns S.E.T mobile home movers. He has helped us out so much by moving our mobile homes 3 times this year& multiple times last year..such a great guy!..& then he successfully flipped over our mobile home that flipped over with the hurricane. Trust me, when he moves a trailer it’s sexy every time (S.E.T)! They went out today and caught their limit of reds and a few specks. They went red fishing first, today & then trout fished for a little bit. They had a wonderful time. Yesterday & today was, overall, some really good fishing. Winter time fishing is on in Delacroix. It seems like the trout are getting bigger and more plentiful each week! They have been hitting the tables hard this weekend, with trout. If you are coming tomorrow, we have plenty of love shrimp for everyone. Still CASH ONLY! Hoping to change that tomorrow. If you know any contractors, call 504-342-2368. Also, looking for someone to repair our mobile home. Give us a shout.

Also, Captain Jack has some days open this week..if anyone wants a good fishing trip! Call me 504-342-2368!

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