Redfish championship

Date: December 27, 2020

Today Captain Jack & his charter
caught 20 reds, 3 catfish and 2 bass. He took out Mr. Corey Roussel, his son, Reese, and Reese’s two buddies. Reese was a 2019 little league World Series champion. They had a great day of red fishing. They smashed the reds. They finished their limit at around 11am, but they sat there catching and releasing..making their own championship fishing matches. It was a world class day. Captain Jack always tries to go above and beyond for his charter customers. Even if they finish catching their limit early, he tries to make sure they have a fun filled day of fishing. He doesn’t just return to the dock immediately after the limit is caught. Catch and release is a great thing. We are sorry about the shrimp situation, but we should have it figured it out by the end of the week..whether we can continue to find them here in Delacroix or if we are going to have to start picking them up. So, if you are coming, make sure to pick up bait on the way down. However, we definitely appreciate you guys still launching with us. We hope everyone had a merry Christmas, and we are hoping you all have a great new year! As always, can’t wait to see ya here at Sweetwater Marina- the marina that loves our customers! If you would like to book a charter or lodging, please call 5043422368.