Perfect day!

Date: May 3, 2019

It was a perfect day for fishing today at Sweetwater Marina, and for all those who came to Sweetwater got in on all the action of the day!

Capt. Jack had a charter today with Mr Darren, Seth and Chris & their sons Jack, Athens and Edge. The guys had a great time today and the boys caught most of the fish, but in total they caught 27 Redfish and 15 Trout.

Capt. Calvin had a charter and launched at Sweetwater and they caught 10 Redfish and 5 Trout.

Brett with the “Trout Bitch” boat redeemed himself today. He and his friend Justin caught 10 Redfish. That was 9 more than the other day. Great job guys! 😉👍

Leroy, Chance, Van, Herbert, and Frank fished Oak River Bay today and caught 20 Redfish, a Sheepshead and a Flounder. (the unicorn of the sea) 🦄

Derron, Alvin, and Marlon also went to Oak River Bay and caught 11 Redfish.

Chris and Ronald went fishing in Lake Campo and caught 21 Trout, 3 Drum, 10 Redfish and a Founder. 🦄

🦐 WE HAVE BEAUTIFUL LIVE SHRIMP! 🦐 We also have dead shrimp!!🦐 AND plenty minnows !!

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