Out with the cold, in with the Sun!

Date: February 22, 2021

What a beautiful day here at Sweetwater! ☀️
Water level: a bit low, but boats are still able to launch. We had a few boats launch today.
Live bait situation: no live bait, at the moment, only dead. However, we have been in touch with the shrimp pimp in Burus to get some for the week & weekend. I suggest calling before you come.
Upcoming weather: looks like the weather is going to be beautiful for the week- a nice change from last week.
Lodging availability: booking up QUICK for the spring. If you are coming down & need some comfy, conveniently located, cozy lodging, with a view of bayous and Marsh, Sweetwater is the spot. Book now: 504-342-2369 ! Don’t miss out on your date.
Charter availability: Captain Jacks book is filling up for March, April & May. If you want to fish with him specifically, call NOW 504-342-2368! However, I can accomadate whatever date you may choose, as we work with several other captains. Call now & you won’t be sorry for choosing Sweetwater & Captain Jack.
We look forward to seeing you all, while we have this beautiful weather that we have missed so much!