Louisiana Wirless 11 boat charter!

Date: November 6, 2020

We want to thank Louisiana Wireless and all the other companies they worked with to fish with us! Thank you for choosing Sweetwater to get you set up with 11 amazing captains! We hope you all had a great time today, & we hope to see you again next year! Also, thank you to all 11 captains we had go out today! They all caught a great amount of fish, most limiting out! We had SOME FISH hit the tables today! So, thank you Capt. Jack, Capt. Chris, Capt. Calvin, Capt. Corey, Capt. Joe, Capt. Alan, Capt. John, Capt. Anthony, Capt. Seth, Capt. Jason & Capt. Tony ! It was fun for all..each boat played a little game & kept score to see who caught the most fish, biggest red, biggest trout, etc!

In other news, we have power! We will be open tomorrow! CASH ONLY! We will be doing boat launches & we have tackle & drinks! The fuel may be set up by tomorrow morning! Hoping to have live shrimp tomorrow- but will not be until the evening! The shrimp boat will be going out tomorrow morning. So, we should be stocked for Saturday! I will post a pic of our live shrimp, as soon as they hit the tanks tomorrow!

With the Hurricane, the people staying in the rooms weren’t sure if we would be set up for the weekend! We were completely booked, but, unfortunately, most made other plans to have to stay elsewhere. However, the power came on, the rooms have been freshly cleaned, so if you need a room for this weekend- call 504-342-2368 to book one! We would love to have you! Rooms 1-4 are rentable & the white trailer. We have a couple openings for this weekend…COME DOWN & LODGE WITH US & FISH- come spend tomorrow night & fish Saturday (we will have live shrimp for you) !

Here are some pics of everyone’s catch from the 11 boats that left Sweetwater’s docks today!

As always, we can’t wait to see ya here at Sweetwater Marina!