Limit of reds & throwback rats

Date: November 23, 2020

Windy morning at Sweetwater today. The fish were still biting good! Capt. Jack and the Baldridges’ brought in a limit of beautiful reds today. They threw back probably 20 rat reds. Customers came in with mixed bags- even some sheephead hit the tables. Capt. Jack spoke to a good number of customers,today & they seemed happy with their catch! Sometimes, it is not all about the catch..but just about being out on the water..enjoying life, enjoying the beauty of it all, before it all goes away or we do! We will update y’all on the live shrimp, in a few hours. Our shrimper is out on the prawl, as we write this. He has been keeping us stocked!- for that we are thankful..We should have enough for tomorrow, regardless! Like I said, we will post another update. Also, Just remember to be a courteous, respectful fisherman to other anglers! Don’t go pull 25 yards from another angler & expect not to mess up their fishing up. Everyone wants to catch a fish..but don’t be greedy and ruin others fishing, because you want to try out the spot.

More importantly- Happy thanksgiving 🦃 from the Captain Jack, Sierra, Gracie & the Sweetwater crew! Each & every year, we are thankful for all our great customers! As always, can’t wait to see you here at Sweetwater Marina, the Marina that loves our customers!

ISO: If you know any great insured & licensed carpenters that wants to give us a estimate on doing the Sweetwater lodge repairs- message us!