Happy Labor Day-friends reunited at Sweetwater!

Date: September 7, 2020

Captain Jack had a charter with 2 sets of father and son on Saturday & Sunday. One set was from Atlanta & the other from Houston. The two fathers, Billy and John, are old buds. They haven’t gotten together in 15 years. Well, they made it happen here at Sweetwater Marina! Memories of a lifetime made here at Sweetwater, between 2 buds & their sons. We are happy to have helped in making this happen. Captain Jack had the pleasure of fishing with them in the morning & evening on Saturday and Sunday morning. They caught over 75 reds in the 2 days of fishing and a bunch of other fish that were thrown back. It was a successful trip for both sets of father/son! They flew down from Houston & Atlanta, so y’all don’t be scared to fly. It was an hour flight for each. If you are looking to make your own memories out on the water, call us here at Sweetwater 504-342-2368. We would love to get you set up on a trip of a lifetime. Be like Billy & John..gather up your old buds & come on down. My advice: gather your family and friends & book your trip! It is about to be the best time of the year for fishing so don’t wait to book! We have lodging, as well- comfortable lodges with a great view from above…look out at the marsh & bayou, grill your fish downstairs & have a grand ole time!
We have one bedroom units with kitchenettes or three, two bedrooms with full kitchens. As far as charter, call 504-342-2368 to check out dates on Captain Jack’s calendar. Captain Jack would be thrilled to take you & your family. He is amazing with children/elderly. He has patience & will make you laugh all day. Captain Jack strives to make sure that you not only catch fish, but that you have a spectacular time here at Sweetwater. We all will strive to make sure that you have a great time here at Sweetwater Marina, whether you are coming to the launch & buying bait, staying at our lodges or chartering with Captain Jack. That being said..we can’t wait to see ya here at Sweetwater Marina.