Friday fishing 12-4-20

Date: December 4, 2020

Cold day of fishing today, but a great day, nonetheless! Captain Jack
took out Mr. Reginald Slusch & crew today! They came in with 25 reds,
3 freshwater cats, and they had 5-6 throwback reds. Reginald loves
fishing with Captain Jack! They all had a great time. Now, on to the
customers seems everyone brought in redfish, today. Tomorrow
should be a better day for trout fishing. We have plenty of live
shrimp, & we hope to see you all at Sweetwater this weekend! We love
to see our customers happy, because they spent a great day on the
water. Whether you catch a fish or shoot a duck isn’t as important as
time in nature, time on the water, time with friends or family, time
to just have a peaceful day to yourself…there is no better sanctuary
than being on the water. However, we always hope you guys go out and
catch plenty fish to fill your freezer…I know a lot of you want to
share pictures of a wonderful catch, & this is the season for it.
Winter time fishing is phenomenal! So, load up the truck & boat, grab
a 12 pack & your ice chest, your poles, your tackle- and ride, until
you hit Sweetwater Marina, in Delacroix, LA …you won’t regret
matter what ! See yall soon! Happy fishing!