Date: July 2, 2020

Today was another HOT, but amazing day at Sweetwater!! Capt. Jack took Mike, Monica, Caitlin, and Colin out on a charter. They caught 24 redfish (due to a miss count)🤦🏼‍♀️🤣, 1 sheepshead, and 1 catfish. Everyone had a blast!! We had a decent amount of boats go out and catch their limit of redfish. A few fished around Four Horse Lake with live shrimp. A couple boats fished around Grand Lake with live shrimp and dead bait. Others fished “in Delacroix” or “in the lip” with artificial. One crew I talked to caught 15 trout in Lake Campo on the bottom with jigheads. Tomorrow is going to be another beautiful day, so come on down and catch your limits!!
We have live shrimp, minnows, and dead bait! We also have snacks, drinks, ice, tackle, and NON-ETHANOL fuel!!