Date: June 25, 2020

Today was a slow day down at Sweetwater! Capt. Jack took a crew out and caught 17 redfish. They fished a little everywhere with live shrimp and artificial bait. We had a couple other boats go out later in the day. One crew caught 8 redfish, 3 sheepshead, and 1 catfish. They said they fished all over with live shrimp and dead bait. The other crew that went out caught 5 redfish and 1 sheepshead. They also said they fish a little bit everywhere with live shrimp, minnows, and artificial bait. Today was a tough day, but that’s why it is called fishing and not catching.
Tomorrow is going to be a nice calm day! We will have live shrimp, minnows, and dead bait! We also will be stocked up with snacks, drinks, ice, tackle, and NON-ETHANOL fuel! Come on down to Sweetwater, and let us set you up for your fishing trip!!