Date: March 16, 2021

Captain Jack fished the last 4 days. He had pretty good success. 57 trout hit the dock on his Saturday trip, with a couple of his buddies. On his Sunday charter, they brought in 27 trout & 5 reds. Monday’s charter, they brought 30 trout, 3 reds and a bass. Today, Captain Jack and his charter brought in 38 specks and 15 reds!

It is crazy how fishing goes…Today, Captain Jacks trip had a better catch, than Sunday or Monday, yet it was windier today (rougher condition).

Sorry about the live bait situation! We are waiting for our shrimper, in Burus, to get his boat back up and running. We will be out of live bait, until further notice. Captain Jack’s group used 3/8 oz jig head (fishing on bottom in wind) along with the matrix magneto. Little glass minnows have been showing up all over, so those are the perfect color to use.

Great news, as far as clear water, the water has cleared up beautifully in Delacroix. We have clear water in spots that haven’t been clean for a while!

As far as hotspots, trout are scattered from Reggio side to Delacroix side. It seems like the redfish are a bit scattered, as well. Seems like you can catch 2 on each point. Moving around is key right now, since the reds aren’t quite grouped up. Overall, fishing seems to be getting better and better. It seems to be falling in line for the spring. So, if you get an opportunity, come on down & get in on the spring time fishing action!

The books for lodging and charters are filling up FAST for the busy spring season! Between rodeos, tournaments and our regular spring charter customers…the books are getting slammed. So, if you want to make sure you can be squeezed in for specific dates, call NOW! 504-342-2368.

As always, we can’t wait to see ya here at Sweetwater Marina, the Marina that loves our customers!