Date: March 23, 2019

Hey..Its Captain Jack! Just want to give you a quick Sweetwater report. It was extremely busy today. All kinds of different reports came in. Most of our regulars had beautiful, beautiful, beautiful speckled trout & lots of them. We had reports from good to bad. Even when the trout are biting, the weather is beautiful, perfect conditions, some people just don’t catch. Overall, it was a successful day. There wasn’t a lot of tide range. Tomorrow is going to have a small range in the tide, but as long as you have some wind moving the water..thats like having a tide. Today we made it through the rush with bait, but good news is..we should have plenty bait for tomorrow. If you get an opportunity and you’re itching, it is DEFINITELY worth coming. The water has been clearing up with the Easterly winds, so tomorrow should be clearer than today. Hope to see you all here at Sweetwater.